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10 Reasons To Check Out Halifax Burger Bash

10 Reasons To Check Out Halifax Burger Bash

10’s, 10’s, 10’s across the board!

This year our much-loved Burger Bash will be turning the big 1-0. In honour of  HRM’s juiciest event hitting double digits, we are celebrating by including an additional 3 burger-filled days. You read that right, 10 days of burgers. That means more time to check out some of the city’s delicious and creative creations.

If that isn’t enough to get you drooling, we have 10 reasons why YOU should clear your calendar April 28-May 7, 2022 to take in the tastiest parts of Halifax.


1. Support a great cause

Halifax Burger Bash partners with Feed Nova Scotia every year. Feed Nova Scotia burgers donate a minimum of $1 per burger to Feed Nova Scotia. To us, helping Nova Scotians is the tastiest condiment there is.

2. Burgers – duh

Need we say more?

3. There’s something for everyone

Whether you’re gluten free, vegan or a human carnivore, our menu features 100+ restaurants with a delicious treat for every palate. 

4. Explore the city

From the waterfront to the Bedford basin and out to Peggy’s Cove, treat your eyes and your taste buds on your search in finding your favourite burger.

5. Excuse to go out with friends

Let’s be honest, most of us have some catching up to do in the socialization department. We’ve provided you with the best excuse to break bread with an old friend – don’t worry, you can thank us later.

6. Less dirty dishes

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of touching wet food in the sink after letting the dishes “soak” – we’re shuttering just thinking about it. 

7. Fill out your burger passport

Challenge your friend to some Burger Bingo! Be the first of your friends to try all the best burgers so you can trade in your bib for a shiny gold metal – metaphorically, of course. 

8. Support some local restaurants

The grit and spirit shown by Halifax restaurant owners over the last two years is nothing if not celebratory. Here’s a great time to support local and also chow-down – that’s a win-win if you ask us!

9. Broaden your culinary horizons

You can step out of your comfort zone, or find your new comfort food. 

10. Treat ‘yo self

You deserve it.

There are more reasons than these to go to Halifax Burger Bash. Soon it’ll be time for you to discover them for yourself! 

The countdown is on! This year feel free to add to our list and share with us your favourite reason to participate in #HFXBurgerBash. 

 So on April 28 – May 7 remember, don’t be bashful… be full from the bash!

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