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A bun in a million: the unique buns of Burger Bash

Burger Bash knows there’s nothing wrong with a potato roll or a classic sesame… but sometimes you want to add a little fun to your bun. 

This year, we’ve got colourful, bizarre, unique and creative twists on burger buns. If you’re up for an adventure, these buns will put YOUR buns in the seat.

Click the restaurant names to read more about these burgers!

Pretzel buns:

The Brickhouse Pork Burger from the Lakeside Bar and Grill.

The Bürgermeister from PMQ Restaurant.

The Get Piggy With It from the Foggy Goggle.

The Triple Crisp from the Economy Shoe Shop.

Bourbon Bacon Jam from Portland Hills Finbar’s.

Deep fried mac and cheese bun:

The Daddy Mac from Lion’s Head Tavern.

Colourful buns:

Red paprika bun: The Flame and Tide Burger from Le Rouge Bold Grill & Cocktails.

Purple Elephant Thai Burger from Studio East Asian Gastropub.

Challah Buns: 

Should’ve Put A Ring On It Burger from The Loose Cannon.

Petrolicious Chicken Burger from Bitter End.

Donut Bun: 

Sweet and Savoury Breakfast Burger from the Chicken Little Cafe.

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