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A thank-you from Feed Nova Scotia

A thank-you from Feed Nova Scotia

In the midst of Burger Bash, with all the frolicking and feasting, it’s important to remember the goal: donating to Feed Nova Scotia.

Feed Nova Scotia is a vital charity in the province. It distributes food to 140 different food banks, shelters and meal programs.

Annually, it donates approximately three million kilograms of food to its members.

Burger Bash has become the largest fundraising event for Feed Nova Scotia, outside of its own efforts. Over the last 10 years, Burger Bash has raised $760,000 for the charity.

“People appreciate the event so deeply. It’s an event all about community engagement,” said Karen Theriault, director of development at Feed Nova Scotia.

“The restaurants and staff all work so hard and the community comes out to support them and the event. It’s really a thrill to see every year.”

This year in particular, the money will make a huge impact. The number of Nova Scotians relying on food banks is up 23 per cent from previous years.

“These aren’t just numbers, these are people,” says Theriault.

Theriault wants to make it clear that this year, the money isn’t just going to purchasing and distributing food—it’s going to advocacy as well.

“Food is not the solution to food insecurity,” she says, “systemic change is.”

Theriault says a portion of the funds will go toward campaigns for affordable housing, affordable childcare, disability support, income assistance and other root causes of food insecurity.

“There’s a lot of work to be done [on] food insecurity, but the donation we’re expecting from Burger Bash this year will be a really important push for us. It always is,” says Theriault.

To donate to Feed Nova Scotia, visit its website.

Thank you to everyone who went out and supported local restaurants and helped raise money to combat food insecurity at this year’s Burger Bash.

And from the Burger Squad: Thank you Feed Nova Scotia for your incredible work in the province. Here’s to another great Burger Bash and many more to come.

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