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Burger Bash Best Behaviour

Burger Bash Best Behaviour

This week Halifax turns into the city of burgers! Over the past two years restaurants and their staff have changed, adapted, closed, reopened all while continuing to offer the best hospitality and service out there. Halifax Burger Bash is the perfect time to show your love for your tried and true favourite spot and welcome new restaurants into your life. 

During Halifax Burger Bash, and all year long, here are a few tips to be on your burger bash best behaviour!

  • Treat all restaurant staff with respect. They’re working hard so you can have a burgeriffic good time. Our best tip is to leave a tip!

  • Be patient, if there is a line at a restaurant leave your name with staff enjoy the outdoors or head to the next spot on your list!
  • Tag us in photos @hfxburgerbash, And tag the restaurant too, we all want to feel the love!

  • Restrictions have been lifted province wide, however if a restaurant has certain safety measures in place respect those! Everyone is doing their best to keep their staff and customers staff and comfortable! 
  • Be Kind. It’s really that simple.

Whether your enjoying dine in or take out we cant wait to see the our city supporting restaurants from Dartmouth to Beaver Bank to Peggy’s Cove! 

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