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Pickford & Black

1869 Upper Water St Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1S9

Chilli Sesh
$19 $1 to Feed NS

Chilli Sesh
A 6-oz patty, chilli, cheese, sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, stack of haystack onions, brioche bun, mac ‘n’ cheese garnish, and side of hand-cut fries.

Upgrade to our Burger Bash side feature: Chilli cheese fries $5
Or any of your favourites:
Fancy fries $4
Sweet potato fries $4
Caesar salad $6
Pear & arugula salad $6

Our team wanted to create a burger that invokes people coming together. Every year our head chef throws a WrestleMania party in which we all watch some good ‘wrassling’ and enjoy some chilli cheese dogs. So, we decided to turn our team’s favourite group meal into a burger with some of our favourite cookout flavours like crispy fried onions and mac ‘n’ cheese. Grab your friends and stop by for a Chilli Sesh!

Pickford & Black is a waterfront getaway, known for its bright, welcoming atmosphere and commitment to using fresh, local ingredients to serve you the tastiest dishes with a breathtaking view.

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