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Real Fake Meats

2278 Gottingen Street

The Double Double
$15 $2 to Feed NS

Feed NS, Vegan, Vegetarian

An all Canadian inspired burger with all your untraditional vegan counterparts. An RFM Double Bacon Cheeze Burger. Two RFM seitan bean and barley burgers topped with cornmeal crusted peameal style bacon, marble almond cheeze, slow cooked red onion, smeared with Hutchinson Farms maple mayo and a bit of lettuce for good measure. RFM is known for its dessert on top so this one is skewered with two donut holes. One donut is coffee glazed and the other one is sour-cream glazed.

Gluten friendly option is available. Same burger – slightly different ingredients. Portobello mushroom burger, rice paper smoky bacon, slow cooked red onion, Hutchinson Farms maple mayo. Skewered with two vegan & gluten free donut holes. The gluten free option will also be fully soy free.

RFM will only have burgers on the hot menu during the duration of Burger Bash. But we are going to have some very fun side dishes though!
*Real Fake mac dinner
*curly fries
*hand-cut fries
*chickn’ Noodle Soup
*caesar salad
*thai veg salad
*cold cut subs
*chickn’ pesto wraps

Please tell us if you have allergies in advance. We use almonds, cashews, gluten, mustard and other allergins in our facility and on this burger special.




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