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1681 Granville Street

The Juicy Rudy
$12 $1 to Feed NS

Warning: Hot melted cheese may cause burns. Eat with caution.

The Juicy Rudy is a delicious, hearty burger that’s sure to satisfy your cravings! This 6-oz beef patty is packed with flavor and juiciness, and it’s made even better with a hot, melted cheese filling that will burst with every bite. Topped with tangy pickles, crisp onions and a generous helping of creamy mayo and ketchup, The Juicy Rudy is a classic burger that’s been taken to the next level. Whether you’re a fan of cheesy burgers or just looking for a filling meal, The Juicy Rudy is the perfect choice. So why wait? Come on down and try The Juicy Rudy today!

Open Monday to Sunday, 10am-7:30pm for Burger Bash.

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