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Verano Food Purveyors

1871 Hollis Street

La Arepa Llanera
$17.5 $1 to Feed NS

Beef, Feed NS

We have decided to bring this to the amazing people of Halifax with our Venezuelan style hand made arepa, tender juicy grilled steak and cheese that grills beautifully giving it charred golden notes. Smokey fresh guasacaca sauce is the way to top meats in Los Llanos and we made the perfect one for our arepa. Yucca chips will add crispiness and tart notes with lime. In Verano we are a family owned and operated restaurant from Mexico and Venezuela and we love cooking our best dishes in the downtown core for all of our lunch hungry customers.

Los llanos is a magical place in Venezuela where grilled meats and different cheeses are made. Traditionally Los Llaneros are hardworking people who love to eat amazing food from their abundant land.




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