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Getting in Burger Bash Shape with Proedge Elite Training

Getting in Burger Bash Shape with Proedge Elite Training

Proedge Elite Training is home to some of the top personal trainers in the HRM. Their team wants to make sure you’re ready to take in any and all the best parts of Burger Bash. They’ve helped compile a list of tips to get your Burger Bod Bash-ready. 

In case it doesn’t go without saying, every body is a burger body. These tips are here to help the boldest of burger bashers prepare for 10 jam-packed days of burgers. Take what feels good for your body and leave what doesn’t serve you. Burger Bash is a judgment free zone. We want to break burger barriers, not add them.


Starting with our foundation, the legs help many of us get from one burger to the next. With our burgers spreading across corners of the city, preparing our legs can help us take in more burgers and cut out travel time. 

Prior to the bash, map your route and walk the distance. Get your finest, functional footwear at the ready to make sure it’s a comfy commute. 

Shea Lenehan suggests getting in some squats to help take on some of the actual uphill battles that are present in downtown Halifax. Make lunchtime, lunge time to boost your strength because these downtown hills aren’t getting any flatter!


Trainer Will Silver says you can loosen up your core by touching your toes or incorporating a twist into your pre-burger game plan. Loosening up your core will help prep your burger belly and prime for some hearty burgers and belly laughs with your burger buddies. 


Ahhh, the arms. The vessel that brings the burg from plate to face.  Bolstering your prep routine with some Burger Bash bicep curls will help buff your burger biceps for the bulkiest of burgs and make that motion so familiar you’ll set your mind on autopilot and let your body do the rest. Check out Andrew Taylor for the best burger form.



Arguably, the most important muscle to get in shape, the mind. With over 130 listings to choose from, you’ll need a clear mind to decide which burger to try next. 

Go for a walk, laugh with friends or indulge in your favourite pastime to find your state of burger bliss. This Burger Bash we want to keep our minds clear and our bellies full.

Want to work on your wellness beyond Burger Bash? The Proedge team wants to help! Reach out to them on how to plan and achieve those goals with some help from their experienced experts. Your first session with a Proedge Elite Trainer is free.

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