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Grabbing a bite with Pineapple Bytes

Grabbing a bite with Pineapple Bytes

Burger Bash always relies on the support of sponsors. This year, we’re thrilled to be working with a sponsor like Pineapple Bytes.

Pineapple Bytes provides software for the hospitality industry, helping manage money and reduce waste. Restaurants all over Atlantic Canada rely on its 24 hour service. 

This year, Pineapple Bytes wants to give back with donations to Feed Nova Scotia.

“The restaurant industry makes Pineapple Bytes what it is. By helping with Burger Bash, we get to support local restaurants and help donate to Feed Nova Scotia,” said Greg Corey, general manager of Pineapple Bytes.

Pickford and Black, a client of Pineapple Bytes, is doing a pineapple burger this year: the Pineapple Express. It’s $19, and $2 from every burger goes to Feed Nova Scotia.

“We will be matching Pickford and Black’s donation to Feed Nova Scotia at the end of Burger Bash,” said Corey.

The Pineapple Bytes team went out to Pickford and Black for lunch and gave the Pineapple Express burger a try. 

“Pineapple Bytes and Burger Bash is a great partnership. A perfect way to get people to restaurants after a difficult few years in hospitality,” Corey said.

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