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Halfway through the bash: Instagram recap

The first half of Burger Bash 2023 has come and gone. It’s been a glorious five days of crunch, calories and complementary flavours. Folks kicked off the Bash in a big way, hitting restaurants old and new to see what creative burgers have been cooked up.

We dove deep into Instagram, looking for the best accounts and posts to sum up the first few days of Burger Bash 2023.

Dogs love burgers too: Real Fake Meats kicks off the Bash with some pet love.

Real Fake Meats had a standout post shouting out one of its burger testers: Jimmy the dog.


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A post shared by Real Fake Meats (@realfakemeats)

Burgers on the TV: Global News posts kickoff clip

Our friends at Global News sampled some burgers at our Burger Bash kickoff event last week. They’ve posted the clip on Instagram.

Extreme burger blogging: Hfxfoodie hits the Bash

Anonymous Instagram food blogger @halifaxfoodie902 has tried 12 burgers since the Bash began! They also got a head start with a few sneak-peek burgers. 


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A post shared by HalifaxFoodie902 (@halifaxfoodie902)

The burger was cracking so many jokes… it was on a roll! The ultimate punster of burger bash

@ca_resende has tried 11 burgers so far this Burger Bash and managed to crack a joke each time. That’s a one-to-one bun-to-pun ratio!


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A post shared by Caroline Paula Resende (@ca_resende)

 Dedication and perseverance: A yearly rank begins again

@ddavies2020 is a hero of Burger Bash, a legend, for lack of a better term—a burger king. 

The man has eaten 17 so far and has begun his annual tradition of ranking them all. It was thrilling to watch his burger odyssey last year, and this year we’re strapped in for the ride once again. It’s great to see someone put pen to paper and write out their favourite burgers of the Bash, even including honourable mentions. 


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A post shared by David Davies (@ddavies2020)

Get out there and enjoy Burger Bash, keep ranking, keep posting and remember: It all adds up for Feed Nova Scotia.


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