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Keeping your Burger Budget

Keeping your Burger Budget

All burgers all the time! That’s what we have planned for next week! To make sure you’re able to make the most of your burger buck we asked the experts over at Assante Capital Management Ltd.  Brad Compton, an Investment Advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd, gave us tips and tricks to ensure your belly and bank account are equally full for Halifax Burger Bash. 

Bring a Burger Bash Budget

It may sound simple, but “… a lot of times people don’t have a firm grasp on where their money is going.” Brad states. The golden rule coming from Assante is to “plan, update and stick to a budget.” 

Budgeting can sound like an arduous task, but there are tools there to help. Brad recommends using budgeting software or even downloading a budget app on your phone!

The Triple B (Building Burger Balance)

We all like to treat ourselves, think of the classic coffee conundrum, to buy or make it home! When it comes to finances, “A lot of us know our big things, like a mortgage, car payments, phone bill, etc. But for some, knowing where the “small” stuff goes makes a difference”. 

Brad notes that “for some people fun events that come with a cost become a matter of ‘or’ and not ‘and’. For the ‘or’s’ reading, being conscious of the small things will be crucial”. Making coffee and lunch at home during the bash may help to ensure you can take in these once-a-year creations!

The Famous $7 Burgers

You can check out our tried and true list of $7 burgers. These unique, prix fixe burgers are only available at this special price during Halifax Burger Bash! Our $7 burger list helps many Burger Bash frequent fliers experience a bunch of burgers without breaking the bank. 

With Burger Bash fast approaching we hope these tips help you plan a patty-packed 10 days that’ll help you get the best bang for your buck!

For anyone looking into bigger budgeting for their future beyond Burger Bash, Assante has a team of financial experts that are happy to help any Haligonian in their bigger budgeting pursuits. 

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