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Ten Tasty Partners, for our 10th Anniversary!

Ten Tasty Partners, for our 10th Anniversary!

Burger Bash wouldn’t be possible with out you Halifax!

This event started 10 years ago with the goal of getting people together around food, supporting our local restaurants and giving back to Feed Nova Scotia. This year we were able to connect with 10 amazing partners who know just how important these things are for everyone in our community. This year’s partners helped to support boosting restaurants up after the most challenging time in recent memory. They’re the backbone of this event and we sincerely appreciate all of their support.

Fine Company 

WholeSale Club


Assante Wealth Management – Hydrostone

Pineapple Bytes

Russell Hendrix

Purple Cow

Downtown Halifax Business Commission 

CommunAuto Atlantic

Proedge Elite Training

Ten tasty partners, for our tenth anniversary!

We also want to shout out to our great friends at Global News, Jack FM and Get In The Loop for helping us spread Burger Bash news all over town!

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